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 The Affordable Care Act guarantees that almost everyone can get health insurance regardless of preexisting conditions. In most cases you can only sign up for health insurance that covers preexisting conditions during the annual open enrollment period. For 2015, open enrollment began on November 15, 2014 and lasted until February 15, 2015. On February 20, 2015 CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a new Special Enrollment period beginning on 3/1/15 lasting until 4/30/15. To qualify you must reside in one of the 36 states that have a Federally Facilitated exchange or a State-Federal Partnership exchange like Illinois. You must also have filed your 2014 tax forms and be able to prove that you will be subject to the ‘fine’ for not purchasing health insurance. Other than this 45 day window, the only way to get health insurance that covers preexisting conditions before 2016 is if you qualify under the normal rules of Special EnrollmentClick ‘Start Shopping Now’ below to explore Special Enrollment options. Open Enrollment for 2016 begins again on November 1, 2015 and will end on January 31, 2016. If you are in Illinois and need guidance call (630) 674-1551. Outside of Illinois, call toll free at (866) 724-7123.




Welcome to HealthInsuranceMentors.com! Our health insurance brokerage firm is dedicated to helping you find the right health insurance plan for you, your family and your business. Our firm is domiciled in Illinois. We are a multi-state licensed brokerage firm serving Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Missouri. We have been in business since 1995. We are extremely knowledgeable on the PPACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” and all types of health insurance plans available. We can help you determine what plans fit you, your family and your budget best.

Health insurance can be a challenge for anyone to navigate. Now with the PPACA being the law of the land, there are many significant changes that have been made in the health care and health insurance systems that are important to consider. We work with clients to make sure they understand how Obamacare impacts their choices when it comes to health insurance. We inform and empower our clients to get the most from their policy. We’re proud that our brokerage firm has helped protect American lives for two decades. We always go the extra mile.

We will provide you the very latest relevant information about 2015 open enrollment and Special Enrollment, and an extensive list of health insurance plans available during these two purchasing time periods. Our founder, C. Steven Tucker is a regularly featured expert on radio and television stations such as Chicago’s AM560 The Answer, WLS AM890, Sirius XM Satellite Radio and the Fox Business television network. Illinois residents, please call us directly at (630) 674-1551. Outside of Illinois call toll free (866) 724-7213 for expert guidance.



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